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Up to $500 Bonuses for New Farm Accounts

Rockingham Farmowners PLUS is offering major bonuses for new business effective March 1, 2023 until August 31, 2023.

Take advantage of these offerings and bring in extra cash flow!

Cow cash will be paid per policy written, that meets our premium tiers, at the end of the month. The producer of the policy issued will first receive an emailed link from to create an account. They can then control where the money goes.

Policy consolidations and rewrites are not considered new business.

Here's how it works! Let's say producer John Smith writes 4 new business accounts with the following premiums:

  1. Policy 1 premium: $5,060 = $250 cow cash

  2. Policy 2 premium: $2,600 = $125 cow cash

  3. Policy 3 premium: $10,000 = $500 cow cash

  4. Policy 4 premium: $2,000 = $0 cow cash

John Smith will receive $875 at the end of the month via

Please note: there is NO LIMIT to the amount of bonuses you can receive. Keep writing new business and we will keep sending you money!



If you need assistance implementing a new business idea or need marketing help to bring your idea to life, please fill out the form:

*For Agent Use Only*

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