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New Resources Available To Rockingham Farmowners PLUS Agents!

As part of our commitment to continuous improvement, we have developed two new tools to streamline your workflow and facilitate smoother interactions with our policyholders.

In the external links section of Spectrum, you will now find fillable and editable copies of the following:

I. Quote Questionnaire:

This comprehensive document was designed to gather risk information, whether clients call or come into the office. The questionnaire will guide you through each section of Spectrum, helping you to gather precise and thorough information, minimize oversights, and obtain an accurate quote.

Farmowners PLUS Quote Questionnaire Fillable
Download PDF • 735KB

II. Renewal Review Form:

An annual farm review is a great way to offer a valuable service to your client in order to increase retention and boost premium.

The best time to complete the review so that changes can be easily incorporated into a renewal is 60-70 days.

Fillable RIC FO+ Account Review Form (1)
Download PDF • 255KB

Please note: the questionnaire and farm review forms are not mandatory. They are simply a resource intended to make things easier for you! Feel free to make edits to these documents to serve your specific needs.

Don't Forget to Maximize Your Interaction!

Any time you interact with a client is an opportunity to expand your network of satisfied customers. When quoting new business or conducting an annual review, we encourage you to leverage these as an opportune moment to ask for referrals.

Referrals from people you are already providing a valuable service to are the warmest leads you can get! Don’t miss out on the chance to write new business by not asking for it.


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