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Easily Access Premium Breakdowns

Tax season is upon us! If you need to access a premium breakdown for your clients, you can do so in the Change Summary instead of creating and abandoning an endorsement.

Here’s how you can access the Change Summary:

  1. Enter the client’s file on Spectrum

  2. Click “Cabinet” in the upper right hand corner

  3. Select “Policy History Documents by Tran Date”

  4. Then, click the magnifying glass to the right of “Change Summary”

Please use this method from now on to access premium breakdowns instead of starting an endorsement.

Note: Endorsements will now be automatically deleted if not submitted in 30 days.

Effective immediately, endorsements on policies must be submitted within 30 days or they will be automatically deleted from our system. This measure aims to maintain the cleanliness of our policy system and streamline our processes. We urge all agents to prioritize timely submissions for endorsements and appreciate your cooperation.


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